Baseball at SST

Baseball Speed and Power Program

Baseball players are high-energy athletes who are primarily involved in quick, explosive movements such as bounding out of the box, thrusting out to steal a base or jumping high into the air for a line drive.
Our SST-SPE clinic will teach Ball Players how to move faster with more explosiveness than ever before. Pitchers will develop more velocity while fielders will learn how to pack on the muscle, which will lead to improved hitting.

Speed and Acceleration Training

- Discover why jogging is a waste of time for baseball players.
- Learn overspeed-training techniques to dramatically increase your base stealing potential.
- Increase first speed acceleration through SST's proven methods.
- Become skilled at SST's resisted speed training protocol to increase base stealing percentage.
- Develop lateral angle quickness and foot speed allowing you to get to that hard to reach ground ball.
- Discover how plyometrics links the gap between speed and strength.

"SST was instrumental in turning my career around. I went from being injured and released by the Milwaukee Brewers to adding 5MPH to my fastball and resurrecting my career by signing with the Cincinnati Reds. The 3 months I spent training with SST made me stronger, more flexible and more explosive. I am now able to get more out of my body than I ever have before while also being more free from arm soreness and injury than at any time as a professional."

Mark James, Cincinnati Reds organization