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An Innovative Training Program to Improve Explosive Speed!

What's the first quality that comes to your mind when you think of an NFL football player?

We almost all agree that EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH is what distinguishes an excellent football player from an average one.

In order to become a PRO, to be able to live on your passions, the first quality you need to achieve is SPEED and POWER!

This is why SST has developed an unparalleled training program to improve explosive speed, power, and agility.

In our Lightning Camp, you will have access to the decades of experience from our founder Larry Jusdanis who has trained thousands of athletes.

His program will lead you to run your 40-yard dash dramatically faster in a matter of weeks!

The Lightning Camp will deliver real results thanks to a scientific based program!

A Training Program developed thanks to the years of hands-on experience and research on the field, that will be an authentic investment in your future and that will bring you one step closer to your dream.

You'll be pushed to your limits, competing shoulder to shoulder with other guys that share your same passion, and all together we will work toward the same goal, creating an amazing group of ambitious young athletes who are FAST!

This camp is your chance to showcase your talent, improve your technique, and most importantly have fun with a group of new friends!

What will you get from the Lightning Camp?
- Learn the proper Mechanics of Sprinting to decrease your 40-yard dash time.
- Improve on-field Speed, Power & Agility.
- Learn proper starting techniques for the 40-yard dash.
- Identification and correction of weaknesses when running the 40-yard dash.
- Position-specific speed and agility drills.
- Plyometrics for increased power development.
- Learn tricks to enhance your performance at a football combine.
- Maximize Absolute Speed with the use of Overspeed training.
- Power sled work to develop Speed Strength Start and First-Step Explosion.

The "Lightning Camp" is a true shortcut for massive speed improvements!

We hope you realize that it would take years of sacrifices to learn all of the qualities we have listed above.

Now you have the chance to get them all in ONE Camp, in a bunch of WEEKS!
Not years...

The spots available for the Camp are limited because we want to ensure that each one of our athletes gets all the attention they need from our Trainers.

Due to the COVID Emergency, we even decided to make a special discount for you.
This will lead to an even faster "sold out", so don't miss your chance.

If you're reading this, you're certainly wishing to become a PRO.

But remember that "you get what you work for, not what you wish for".

YOU DECIDE NOW if you want to invest in your future or not.


2021 Registrations Coming Soon!

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